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TERRIBLE STUDIO newest pieces couldn't be stopped by the current global affairs and perhaps with a slight delay but we arrive hard with our COMMITMENT. edition pieces.

Coming straight with the self-evaluation and world need for global improvement. Combining both aesthetics and consciousness.

We hear your feedback and needs so we went on a journey to source new fabrics. This year our product is made of bamboo material and cactus leather combined together or separately worked great with the design in mind. 

With our TS tees, we found the most organic Korean cotton and worked with a small factory in Seoul on developing the perfect fit. We decided to reinvent our previous design to make it even more everyday use and with the shine of the cactus, leather adds the versatility of elegance and causality we are all looking for. 

The bamboo bag was developed for active always “on the run” people who are looking for something more flexible. 

All our product is produced by small factories. Our mission is always to give enough support and exposure to small business owners. Everything we do is vegan and completely cruelty-free. 

With working on the COMMITMENT. edition pieces making something new and powerfully positive for the planet - and we think we’re on the right track but we can’t know for sure. 

9W4A9581 2.jpg


At TS we believe climate change is the most pressing concern the world faces. As such, we are building our agency and designing to benefit the earth, our customers, and the people we work with. With that belief, we hope that fashion can become a form of social activism creating a more positive tomorrow.


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