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The Earth symbol was always part of our identity. Somewhere perhaps hidden within our products and only for the curious eyes. This time, we decided to take it out to remind everyone of our planet's state and urgency to take action.

We focused on developing new pieces and product categories around a very dear narrative in this new sustainable collection—Earth, genderless fashion and craft. 

As a brand and team, we always try to evolve, and this time, we explored the world of jewellery, new vegan leather accessories, designing our first piece of ready-to-wear and organic soap making. All of the items are stripped away from any gender and are suitable for everyone. Each time we rethink, redesign and redevelop. We never stay in one place and always look for ways to improve our pieces. We used our primary colour palette and sustainable materials that we usually work in, and we redefined elements that create our TS reality. 


As Charles Eames used to say: "We work because it's a chain reaction, each subject leads to the next."




au naturel: being in natural style or condition

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